Podcast Episode 1

Introduction of Dr. Jim

Interest and Knowledgeable in Wine, Scotch, Cigars, Pipes, Watches & Pocket Watches, Motorcycles, Ancient Weapons and Artifacts, etc

Show Notes:

Wine of the Day: Langmeil – Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Australia.

Cigar of the Day: Punch Double Corona

  • Has over 1000 bottles of Wine
  • Explain what the wine scene was like in the 80s
  • His thoughts on the recent study of the counsumption of Red Wine and its Protection against Type 2 Diabetes

Podcast Episode 2

Show Notes:

Wine of the Day: Côtes du Rhône

Cigar of the Day: Partagas Number 2 Series D – Cuban

  • Thoughts on the Vacuvim Wine Stopper
  • Thoughts on Montecristo Number 2 Cigar and the Top 5 Cigar Ranking.
  • Scotch tastings get togethers
  • An impresive scotch that was mis-manufactured and turned black