Closer look at the Vinturi Wine Aerator and Wine Tower

I own several different types of Wine Aerators and I use them depending on the occasion and the type of Wine I will be drinking.

The Vinturi Wine Aerator is quite popular among aerators on the market and I do use it quite often.  

Wine Venturi Aerator 1

Here is a video I made that shows how it works.  Make sure to watch in HD.

How the Vinturi Wine Aerator works:

  1. As wine is poured, it starts to spin.(Spinning increases wine’s velocity and pressure decreases)
  2. Wine starts to take in air from the difference in pressure.  
  3. Air is pulled at slightly different angle on either side.  This enhances the process.

Wine Venturi Aerator with Wine Tower

I also own the companion stand, the Vinturi Wine Tower.  As you can see from the image above, the aerator is placed into a slot at the top of the stand.  Then you simply place your wine glass right underneath the aerator. 

Below is my video demonstrating how to use both the aerator and the stand.  It is also my un-boxing of the Vinturi Aerator.  

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Wine Venturi Aerator pieces

  Wine Venturi Aerator away from stand

Taken from Vinturi Website: “Vinturi’s aeration is very effective at softening tannins which results in a much more pleasant finish. Any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated.  You’ll appreciate the subtle aromatic differences and the full aroma of the wine. Vinturi allows wine to display its intended aromas.

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